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Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Is Walking the Best Exercise?



The main benefit of walking is that it is the best form of exercise and can be done by people of all ages to maintain good health. I feel walking is also the best fitness workout and easiest way to control weight with no side effects.

We all walk daily as part of our routine like going to work place, shopping, or back home, some just for a few minutes while others almost an hour. But have you considered walking not just as a regular physical activity but as a regular physical exercise? You will consider after knowing the benefits of walking as an exercise.

Omron Hj-113 Pocket Pedometer, Walking Style, BlackWalking is one of the most effective exercise.

According to experts there is no magic to exercise but one should do sufficient cardiovascular exercise so as to burn calories more effectively. WebMD.com rates walking as the number one most effective exercise. Also walking is good for beginners as it can be done anywhere and anytime without requiring any equipment but just a good pair of shoes. Walking can be included as part of daily workout by regular gym goers too as brisk walking will burn calories faster. Hence is a good workout.

Walking is beneficial to lose weight

There are so many abnormally obese people in today's world due to sedentary lifestyle and untimely daily activity habits which they cannot afford to change due to time or work constraints. For such people walking is the best option to shed some extra weight. Sedentary people generally have a decreased fitness level due to decreased efficiency of muscle and energy system.

Running and jogging are heavy calorie burning exercises which if done in excess can cause the body to burn more carbohydrates. This will not serve purpose for people with high Body Mass Index (BMI) who need to burn more fats. To reduce BMI and burn fat, body requires to exercise at lower levels of exertion. Walking also enables one to workout at a slower and consistent pace to burn fat effectively. Effective walking can be best achieved with a  heart rate monitor to check the fat burning.

Walking is too good for older adults

Walking is a physical activity cum exercise that one can Leslie Sansone - Older Adults Walkbe done at one's comfort walking speed and walking time. That is why walking is the best exercise for older people too. Physical activity need not be strenuous to achieve health benefits hence walking is a good choice. Elderly people should make walking a habit and can slowly increase their walking speed. Recent scientific studies have shown that walking speed increases life expectancy for older adults. People above age 65 should start walking for a 5-10 minutes in the beginning to a gradual desired amount of time after consulting their doctor. Older Adults Walk and Firm with Leslie Sansone DVD is a good guide on combination of walking and exercising for Older Adults to maintain good health and vigour. It has the walking moves - walking in place, side steps, knee lifts, and kicks.

Walking is the king of exercises

The other day I read a blog mentioning walking as the king of exercises. Rightly said because main benefits of walking is that it reduces cholesterol, increases blood circulation, improves cardiovascular fitness, reduce high blood pressure and high heart attack risk. So walking rather I should say effective walking should be added as part of daily routine for fitness, weight maintenance and exercise that will surely control the above parameters.

Do you walk? If not then start walking today

Make walking a daily habit because everybody needs a bit of exercise to be fit, and walking is the simplest form of exercise that does not require any gadgets or gyms. I must say walking is the cheapest but best form of exercise.
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Monday, March 01, 2010

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Honey is food or medicine


Do you take honey as food or medicine? People who either like the taste of honey or want to take honey just for the sake of health eat cakes, pie, shakes and ice creams with honey as ingredient. But some sincerely take a spoon every day or every alternate day as a medicine. Many ayurvedic medicines are taken with honey as base.

But the question is how much honey should one take?
Before that let us look into some of the qualities of honey.

Honey derived from the honeybees is the main ingredient for home medicines. It has a universal appeal. It is used by people all over the world at any given point of time. Honey is a food item with more of calories. One kilo of honey contains 3150 to 3350 calories.

Man requires food not only for energy but also for many actions, because vitamins, enzymes and other items get destroyed in the body and so cannot provide any calories. But still, these are very important ingredients in food. The body cannot survive without these. Till recent years honey was compared to sugar. Everybody knows sugar is nothing but carbohydrate and that it gives only calories to the body.

More than half of energy required for man is provided by the sugar contained in the food stuff he takes in. Sugar is the most easily digested food stuff. Experiments have proved that relatively, in the players, those who take more of sugar have more of patience and win more easily in the competitive games.

The body digests sugar and glucose ( present more in honey). Glucose reaches as it is into blood whereas sugar undergoes hydrolysis first.

Honey contains more than 80% of different materials required for the growth and functioning of the body. Honey contains plenty of proteins and enzymes that can hasten the chemical reactions in the body by million times.

Man requires plenty of animal salts. It was proved experimentally that animals die if they are regularly provided food devoid of mineral salts even if that food has plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Micro elements and mineral salts, the minutest items in the body play a vital role in the metabolism. As we become old, and as the metabolism and as the metabolism changes relatively there is a change in the contents of blood. As per biological science even the percentage of most important micro elements (copper, manganese, cobalt, nickel and zinc) also changes. In such a case, it is very essential to send these micro elements through food especially with honey into the body.

Honey is considered as nectar. You use it as food, it gives you energy. You use it as medicine, it gives you resistance power. A little quantity of it will give you more of pranic energy. So let’s use such a useful honey for our own good and drive out diseases. Let us enjoy good health.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

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Do you have Diabetes


Diabetes is a term known to almost everybody. Excessive glucose in the blood over a long time causes diabetes symptoms. Due to unhealthy and untimely lifestyle and diet patterns are causing more and more diabetes in people of all ages. Even children can be seen suffering with this ailment.

Do you have Diabetes? Have you checked?
But what is Diabetes? Diabetes is a lifestyle disease as uneven daily routine and diet intake patterns over a period can also cause diabetes. Diagnosis of diabetes is increasing in the world with time. This disease is becoming a modern pandemic.

Are you Afraid of diabetes?
Many are afraid of diabetes because it causes serious and long-term complications. It is a chronic disease that can affect the heart, kidney, eye, or foot. Once blood glucose levels show high value, then the person has to take care to control his or her diabetes all life.

Diabetes Symptoms and Prevention
Diabetes Rising: How a Rare Disease Became a Modern Pandemic, and What to Do About ItType I diabetes patients are completely unable to produce insulin and Type II diabetes is a bit difficult to diagnose initially when symptoms are less which can be termed as pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition when blood sugar levels are higher and body cells show resistance to insulin. Diabetes control is necessary for good health.

To keep check on your blood glucose levels it is essential to have first hand knowledge of the symptoms of diabetes and its prevention. Read details about symptoms and treatment of diabetes from my article on Bukisa. Gather information about excessive sugar intake, family history of diabetes if any and effects on the probability of getting diabetes. As it is said, if there is will nothing is impossible, timely precautions can prevent occurrence of diabetes or reduces diabetic symptoms.

Do not be afraid if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Below I am mentioning some books about diabetic individuals and their experience in coping up with diabetes and guide to managing diabetics.

1. The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed (First Year, The)

2. Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

3. The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle: Lifestyle Center of America's Complete Program for Overcoming Diabetes, Restoring Health, and Rebuilding Natural Vitality

4. Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Diabetes: Nutrition You Can Live With

5. How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & Win!

6. A Comprehensive Guide To Beating Diabetes and dramatically improve Your Blood Sugar

7. Sugar is the main cause for Diabetes - Overcome Sugar Addiction

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

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What is the Vital Supplement for Successful Life

I have often wondered about the term "Successful Life". What is Successful Life and how can it be achieved? Is it easy or difficult to achieve and what is the path of success.

This blog is all about health and health for life so I have tried to connect health as vital supplement for life.

Success is different for different people. For some it is happiness, content, while for others it is money. power.Achieving fame, money, and power in today's busy world of hectic schedules, time constraint targets and horse race competition that is rising the path of success in life requires high energy, body balance and overall good health.

Good health can be maintained by regular meals, and disciplined daily routine. Early to bed and early to rise is a wise old saying but this saying may not hold true in busy home and office schedules but some kind of orderliness should be there. Cultivating punctuality every day in every activity you do will lead to a systematic maintenance of body and mind. As the saying goes that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body and both will make a person think better and do better.

This will lead anybody to perform better and achieve goals and targets of business, family and hence the whole life. This is successful life and good health and discipline required for it are the vital supplement.

It is wisely said that health is wealth and life.

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